Board of Directors

Rosee UK with a great leadership team

Board of Directors


Ms. Nguyen Le Hang

 Founder and General Director

Graduating with Honors from Sunderland Public University, UK, majoring in Banking and Finance, worked at the FDI Enterprise Customer Department of Vietin Bank Hanoi, growing up in a professional and classy environment, Hang studied Ask questions and create a professional, ISO quality service.

With a background, Hang always tries to live in harmony and balance between career and everyday life. Balancing work time and taking care of family – herself is her wish and Hang has spread this spirit to the community through the series of products she chose to bring back to Vietnam.


Mr. Hoang Manh Ha

 Member of management Council

Graduated with honors in Banking and Finance from Sunderland University, UK, currently Head of FDI Enterprise Customer Department of VietinBank, giving Manh Ha a wealth of experience in managing corporate cooperation, thereby building Build a supply chain between Rosee and reputable businesses in Vietnam.

He is very happy to use the product that Hang chose as a glue that connects many business platforms to develop together, creating prosperity for brands and retailers.


Mr. Pham Xuan Dung

 Member of management Council

Mr. Dung graduated with honors with a Master’s degree in Banking and Finance from the Vietnam Banking Academy, and is currently Deputy Director of Vietin Bank in Hue city. He has extensive knowledge in the field of finance and management experience. Mr. Dung and Mr. Ha always improve their system administration capacity, thereby creating an ISO quality business platform to bring customers great experiences.